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Research and Project Management

  • 9 years experience working as a research scientist (6 years as a graduate student, 3 years professionally).
  • Several published book and encyclopedia chapters in which I make complex mathematical insights and evolutionary logic transparent to non-experts.
  • 13 published, peer-reviewed scientific papers that are regularly cited by leading scholars (June 2019: 1148 citations).
  • These published paper are the successful culmination of collaborative multi-disciplinary research projects, in which I
    • Developed analytic mathematical models and computer simulations, and derived testable empirical hypotheses,
    • Designed research protocols and materials,
    • Recruited and trained local and international research teams to rigorously gather data,
    • Managed and coordinated project logistics,
    • Developed and interpreted statistical models of project data,
    • Communicated project insights to expert and non-expert audience in writing and public presentations.
  • Two years experience as the chairman of Tulita's Local Housing Corporation, providing project and budgetary oversight.

Fundraising, Lobbying and Consulting

  • Extensive proposal and grant writing during my academic career.
  • 3 years living and working in a remote northern community (Tulita, NWT) as a private consultant.
  • Provided professional consulting services to government and non-government organisations in the Sahtu region, including grant writing and proposal development, research, statistics and quantitative services.
  • My clients included the K'asho Got'ine Charter Community municipal government, Tulita Dene Band, Office of the Sahtu MLA as well as private companies and individuals.
  • Successfully contributed to lobbying territorial and federal government for funding for municipal projects (Fort Good Hope On The Land and Addictions Recovery project) and large regional infrastructure (Bear River Bridge, approx. $100M).
  • Meticulous budgeting, accountability and reporting.


  • Teaching assistant, guest lecturer and assessment coordinator for 8 university-level classes, including graduate-level statistics.
  • Exceptional ratings (average: 4.4/5) and feedback from students.
  • Taught two short courses for Aurora college in Tulita: Computer Basics and Spreadsheet Basics.
  • Experienced in building class rapport and tailoring materials to students of all levels.

Computer Skills

  • Experience programming in a wide variety of languages (low-level, web, scripting, mobile, statistical, etc.),
  • Web development, including:
    • Static websites for businesses and individuals (HTML, CSS),
    • Dynamic websites (javascript)
    • Realtime multiuser reactive web programming (Meteor)
  • 15 years experience running linux and managing linux-based servers,
  • Creating and managing SQL and noSQL databases,
  • Professional typesetting with LaTeX
  • Proficient will all standard professional software (Word, Excel, etc.)

Quantitative Skills

  • Extensive experience in statistical modelling and analysis, including:
    • Standard linear modelling (GLMs, ANOVA, χ2, frequentist inference, etc.),
    • Bayesian modelling and inference,
    • Computationally-intensive numerical sampling approaches (MCMC, bootstrapping, etc.),
    • Power-analyses and research design,
    • Complex scripting and programming in R.
  • Creating intuitive visualisations of complex data
  • Analytical mathematical modelling of complex dynamic systems (linear algebra, systems of PDEs, etc.)